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Birding spots in Mgahinga gorilla National Park Uganda

Birding spots in Mgahinga gorilla National Park Uganda

Birding spots in Mgahinga gorilla National Park Uganda

Mgahinga gorilla National Park Uganda is the smallest park in Uganda but of great significance in bird watching activities with best birding spots . The park well situated in Southwestern Uganda occupies an area of 33.7 Square kilometers with key birding spots. It’s home to over 89 species of mammals that include giant endangered Mountain gorillas, Elephants as well as Buffaloes.  The parks also inhabit the rare golden monkey which is only found in Virungas and central African forests. The biggest part of this park is forested and this makes it be home for over 125 bird species leading to perfect birding spots / destinations for the birder to enjoy. This article will reveal exactly where the birding as a safari activity can take place in Mgahinga.

As earlier notified within the park there are over 125 species of birds that can be sighted by the travelers / birders. These numbers of birds will make travelers so glad to see that they can sight more than one hundred ten birds on a single birders’ day. Most importantly, birding watching in the park is done with the help of professional guides who will guide you through the walk in the forest and hiking the volcanoes when needed. Moving with the guides allow you to ask any seen bird that you appeared not to have understood for the clarification from the guide feel at ease to ask any information you need from the guide.

One of the best birding spots in Mgahinga National Park where birders find love with nature is through following the well-known gorge trail that extends up to the middle of Mount Sabinyo, one of the three volcanoes of Virunga. In this trial, you take more than three hours trailing through the middle of mount Gahinga and Sabinyo which offers beautiful sceneries of volcanoes with your ears touted with sounds of the birds. The guides will also stop you when different birds are seen so that you cannot miss any beautiful creature inform of birds. Feel free to as any questions regarding birding spots in Uganda, our sales team will always be happy to attend to you instantly.

On this birding trail, expect to pen down and watch a variety of birds in a number of key spots which among others include; Rwenzori turaco, what-tailed blue flycatcher, White-necked Raven, Black kite, Pin-tailed whydah, Yellow-Vented Bulbul, Alpine chat and Alpine. The other bird species can be sighted in this trail include; the Olive Thrush, the Kivu-ground Thrush, and the Bronze Sunbird as well as Regal Sunbird. Other birds include the Blue-headed Sunbird, there is also the Rwenzori Batis among many others. This implies that there are a lot of birds in the trail available for you.

Another prominent birding areas in Mgahinga National park is called the baboon belts. These birding spots lies on a higher altitude of about two thousand meters above sea level. Additionally, the bamboo belt is covered by the montane type of vegetation which is around over six thousand meters above sea level raised. The well-known birds in the area are Rwenzori turaco which is seen in big swarms lying on a raised area of about two thousand meters above the sea level. further the borders areas around Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, you will spot birds such as the Red-faced Woodland Warbler, and the Doherty’s Bush-shrike.

We remind our travelers that birding is energy demanding adventure that needs extra preparation for the fact that it is being done all year-round, there sometimes when the climatic conditions are wet or dry therefore, we advise you to have among other the following items to enhance your birding experience. A camera to you enable to take pictures during nature walks, the gumboots that are of good quality with new screws to help during muddy in case, insect repellants since this is wildness you expect mosquitoes, a coat is also necessary and lastly since it is long you need to have a bottle of water with you.

From the above, it can be concluded that Mgahinga National park provides answers to the birders with birding spots such as bamboo belt, and the Sabinyo trail that has a variety of birds in addition to the ground level birds at the border of Uganda with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Besides, birding, the park has a lot of other wildlife animals such as buffaloes, elephants among others. Primates such as the rare golden monkey are also spotted in the park. You will not regret traveling with Africa Adventure Vacations to explore Mgahinga National Park.

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