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Boomu women’s group

Boomu women’s group is one of the budget accommodation facilities in Murchison falls park started by a group of local farmers to support local people

Boomu women’s group

Boomu women’s group is one of the nice places to stay while on a safari in Murchison falls national park. It was started by a group of local farmers with an aim of supporting the local people and improving their standards of living. It’s one of the budget accommodation facilities in Murchison falls national park with very affordable prices.

Boomu women’s group bandas

These accommodation facilities are owned by Boomu women’s group and its name is derived from a local word to mean together. The accommodation facility is located at the edge of Murchison falls national park near Kichimbanyobo gate which is in the southern sector of the park. The place is beautiful with simple huts surrounded by a garden that is full of different fruits and vegetation which are used to prepare local foods.

Tourists intending to visit Boomu women’s group and stay their bandas should know that there is no electricity in this place, no solar lighting, and nothing like running water not because they can’t afford it but they want tourists to experience the real African village life.

They have basic bandas which are very clean, beds with nets, clean bathrooms and wonderful meals. The bandas are managed by local women who have good customer care and are well trained in what they are doing. The food here is prepared by well-trained local chefs and even visitors can be part of the food preparation if they want.

Craft shop with nice items among which include baskets, necklaces, hats, and much more. While at Boomu women’s group, you will learn how to prepare local food got from their garden and you will learn how to make weaving where you can make baskets, hats, and much more.

Bird lovers would enjoy the time they spent at Boomu women’s group simply because the trees around are homes to different bird species. Some of the bird species here include African quailfinch, Denham’s bustard, silver bird, goliath heron, Senegal thick-knee, grey crowned crane, African fish eagle, and woodpeckers among others.

Boomu women’s group community visits

Boomu women’s group is located not so far from Murchison falls national park because it’s a 15 minutes drive to the park. Tourists staying at this accommodation facility can always take a visit to the local community outside the park guided by local community people and get to experience the African village life. A visit to the communities comes with opportunities of meeting local people and getting to spend some time with them

Tourists will be able to see how these people live thier day to day life, they can take part in some of the community activities like digging, harvesting, or food preparation where they will even taste the local foods. Tourists can talk to elders who will give information about the history of Murchison falls national park.

If there is winemaking on the day of visiting, tourists can be part of the process and they will be able to see how wine is made from bananas. Later they can taste the juice because it’s always sweet. Tourists will also be able to visit the schools to see the Ugandan teaching, support children, and the school among others.

Tourists can take a visit to some of the orphanages and get to do donations to the poor children. A visit to the surrounding community is better done in the afternoon hours after a successful activity in Murchison falls national park.  the community visit and maybe those staying at Boomu women’s groups need to be budget travelers that love the African culture.

How to get to Boomu women’s group

Travelers can get to this accommodation facility within a single day by air transport or road transport. By air transport, tourists can fly from Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airstrip to Pakuba airstrip or Bugungu airstrip and this takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are different airline companies among which include Bar Aviation Uganda and Aerolink Uganda which do organize flights to Murchison falls park.

By road transport, tourists can drive to Murchison falls national park and access Boomu women’s group in 4-6 hours. The time taken depends on the number of stopovers as well as the nature of the roads. From Kampala/Entebbe, tourists will go through Luwero, Nakasongola, Masindi, and access Murchison falls national park using Kichumbanyobo gate. From the gate to boomu women’s group is about 15 minutes driving.

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