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Bwindi gorilla bookings

Bwindi gorilla bookings

Bwindi gorilla bookings

Bwindi gorilla bookings: Bwindi is the most visited gorilla park in Uganda harboring endangered mountain gorillas although others can be seen in Mgahinga national park. The national park is found in the southwestern part of the country with the highest number of mountain gorillas in the whole world. Bwindi has four sectors where mountain gorillas do live and these are Nkuringo, Buhoma, Rushaga, and Ruhija trekking .

Bwindi gorilla bookings

Thousands of travelers leave their homes to come and see these mountain gorillas that are said to be close relatives to human beings. Some travelers organize the safaris themselves while others use local tour operators to organize everything on their behalf. Booking Bwindi gorilla tours should be done at least 3-4 months in advance because that is when you have chance of getting a gorilla permit especially if you are visiting the park in the dry season. Early booking of Bwindi tours enables travelers to have proper planning for the days they will be on the safari and also shop all that is necessary for the safari to be successful.

Bwindi gorilla bookings can’t be done in the quickest way like you think. They take time and require one to first get the dates they want to travel and then see how to get the gorilla permits first because these are the most needed things for the safari to happen. Every traveler must first get the gorilla permits first and then book the rest later. Gorilla permits are tickets that allow travelers to be part of the gorilla trekking or habituation activities in Bwindi.

How to book Bwindi gorilla permits

Using a local tour operator

This is the simplest and quickest way to book Bwindi gorilla permits. different local tour operators have been licensed by the Uganda Tourism Board to help travelers book gorilla permits from the Uganda Wildlife Authority on behalf of travelers. Africa Adventure Vacations is one of the local tour operators that is always ready to book for you gorilla permits at no extra cost.

To book gorilla permits with us, you need to contact us via email with the dates of the month and year you want to travel and we shall use this information to check or the availability of the permits with the Uganda Wildlife Authority. If the permits aren’t available, we shall send you an email containing close available dates or we shall ask you to choose other dates

Once the permits are available, we shall send you an email containing the price of the permit and different banking details which you will use to send us money for your permit to be booked. After sending the money, you will need to send us a scanned copy of the receipt of payments because money takes 2-3 days to show up on our accounts. After confirming that you have paid, we shall go pick up your permit for you and when you arrive in the country you will find it with us.

book Uganda Gorilla Permits

book Uganda Gorilla Permits

Directly from the Uganda Wildlife Authority

Gorilla permits can be booked directly from the Uganda Wildlife Authority which is a government body that is in charge of tourism in the country. To book directly with Uganda Wildlife Authority, you need to contact the reservations office via email and you should include the dates of the month and year you want to come for the gorilla tour. They will look at the days and see if the permits are available and if you are unlucky and they are sold out, you will be asked to choose others dates.

If the gorilla permits are available, you will be sent an email containing the price of the permit and different banking details so that you send money. After you have sent the money, you will be required to send back a scanned copy of the receipt of payment so that they confirm you have paid. Your permit shall e booked you will have to pick personally at their offices in Kampala.

Cost of Bwindi gorilla permits

Bwindi has mountain gorilla families for trekking and mountain gorilla families for habituation. The are 19 mountain gorilla families available for trekking in all the sectors of the park and 2 mountain gorilla families available for habituation in Nkuringo and Rushaga sector. To trek mountain gorillas, you need a gorilla trekking permit and this costs $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents, and UGX250,000 for citizens of East Africa. To habituate mountain gorillas a permit costs $1500 for foreign non-residents, $1000 for foreign residents, and UGX750,000 citizens of East Africa.

Booking Bwindi gorilla safari

After securing the gorilla permits, next is planning how you want your safari to be and how long you want it to happen. You look at how you will access the national park and the mode of transport you want to use. You again look at the accommodation facility you want to stay in and your travel budget. You can either have your Bwindi bookings using a local tour operator or do it yourself but this is very hectic unless of you have visited the country for several times.

The best way for booking Bwindi gorilla tour is by using a local tour operator. You can search for several tour operators and then send an email telling them to organize a safari for you. You tell them how many you are, what you would love to do, your travel budget, and the number of days you want your safari to happen. They will use the information to design a quotation for you and later you will look at all the companies and go with which is fair for you. In most cases, travelers choose the local tour operators with the lowest quotation as well as the best activities. Africa Adventure Vacations is one of the local tour companies that can organize for you an affordable memorable safari in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park

By yourself

Booking a gorilla safari in Bwindi by yourself can be easy but in most cases, it’s difficult as it takes a lot of time to contact the service providers. After securing the gorilla permit from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, you can go ahead and contact transport service providers to see which vehicle you will use during the safari and then accommodation owners for where you will sleep. All these require paying a certain deposit of money or even full amount in case you have for them to book for you. There are times you can land on scammers who can steal your money and this is a reason we advise you to use local tour operators because most of these are licensed to carry out tourism activities.

When to do Bwindi gorilla bookings

The best time to book Bwindi gorilla tours would be 3-4 months earlier in advance and this is especially if you are going to trek mountain gorillas in the dry. The dry season is also known as the high season and it occurs from June to September and December to February. During this season, a lot of travelers are intending to visit the country and this is why you are advised to book your permits quickly.

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