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Cheap safaris to Semuliki national park

Cheap safaris to Semuliki national park: planning for a trip to Uganda? We have an experienced team to plan for you budget safari to all tourist destinations

Cheap safaris to Semuliki national park

Cheap safaris to Semuliki national park: Planning to have a budget safaris to Semuliki national park? We have an experienced team planning budget and cheap safaris to all tourist destinations in Uganda including Semuliki national park. Africa Adventure Vacations has budget safaris to Semuliki national park and other parts of East Africa. Semuliki national park is one of the safari destinations in western Uganda which tourists would really love to visit.

Traveling from you home country to visit Uganda has never been cheap for every traveler as it requires one to use a lot of their savings. When a person thinks of traveling, money is the first thing that comes to mind because it’s needed to do lots of things for the safari to happen. At Africa Adventure Vacations, we do help tourists with cheap safari packages to Semuliki national park that are budget-friendly.

What is the cheapest way to get to Semuliki national park?

The cheapest way to get to Semuliki national park is using road transport. Road transport has always been cheap compared to air transport therefore tourists looking at the cheapest way to get to Semuliki should always travel by road. Semuliki national park is about 360km from Entebbe and getting to the park takes 6 to 7 hours only.

To get to Semuliki nation park using road transport, tourists start from Entebbe/Kampala and go through Mityana, Mubende, Kyegegwa, Kyenjojo, Fort Portal, and Bundibugyo where the park is located. The road transport journey is fun with great views of different attractions and stopovers at different points along the way.

Cheap accommodation facilities.

Tourists who are looking at cheap safaris in Semuliki national ark must know that to save they will have to use cheap accommodation facilities. In Semuliki national park, tourists can use budget lodges or even go camping inside the park. Camping can be done at the Uganda Wildlife Authority camping centre (Bumaga). There are so many budget accommodation facilities in Semuliki national park among which include Kirumia Guest House, as well as Camps and Bandas by Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Travel in the low season

budget safaris to Semuliki national park should be done in the low season which happens from March to May and October to November. During the low season, the prices go down because the lodges reduce their prices to attract the few tourists visiting the park, when the price of the lodges reduces, it means that the prices of the tour packages will also reduce.

Tourists traveling in the low season will yes get discounted prices but they should know that it’s the period when the park is receiving too much rainfall and little sunshine. The walking trails within the park are always muddy and slippery with unclear views of wildlife, vegetation is tall with unclear views of wildlife and the roads leading to the park are passable.

Participate in a few park activities

There are so many activities tourists can do while in Semuliki national park and each activity comes at a fee. For tourists to have a cheap safari in Semuliki national park we advise them to be part of a few activities so as to safe or reduce on the cost of the safari. Tourists should know that some activities are similar so by taking part in one activity will give almost similar results of the other you missed.

Travel as a group

Traveling as a group to Semuliki national park will in the end help you to have a cheap safari to the park. This is because more than one people who travel together share transport and also accommodation fees if they are to share a room. Tourists who want to visit Rwenzori Mountains national park but don’t have groups can try asking their tour operators to help them join a group.

Travel for a few days

The fewer the days the lesser the money on a safari to Semuliki national park. Tourists who want cheap safaris to Semuliki national park should have a safari for a few days. It could be a 2 or 3 days safari and with a good tour operator you will be able to do a number of activities within the park. A few days in the park would help to save on accommodation, meals, and park entrance fees which must be paid every after 24 hours.

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