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Bird Watching Bwindi

Bird watching in Bwindi: For leisure and recreational services, when people all over the world hear about Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park what comes into their mind is the rare species of the world, well known as the mountain gorilla. However, Uganda as a country is a dock to half of the African continent bird species which are estimated to be 1040 bird species and importantly Bwindi National Park shares 35% of these birds which are estimated to be 360 birds species, the fact that its forested park makes it deal birding destinations for all bird lovers. This article introduces to you bird watching in Bwindi with relevant examples of bird species and the best time to interact with these birds.

The above description illustrates that travelers to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park stand a better chance to do both gorilla trekking as well as bird watching safaris in Bwindi. What makes this park special in terms of birds is that some of these bird species about 14 species have not been documented or sighted in any other part of Uganda as the country. Having received credentials as one of the best birding spots in the whole of on African continents, the forested park provides fantastic mountain forest birds of which 90% are only found within the Albertine Graben or Rift system that is inland savannah to the highland forest.

If you’re there asking yourself about what could be some of the bird species strolling around in Bwindi National parks, you need not worry as Africa Adventure vacations bring you some of the examples of prominent species which can’t escape your eyes while on this birding safaris in Bwindi. On your trip, expect to sight and hear the sound of only three surviving birds in of their species which are named African Green Broad bill, Grauer’s Warbler and Short-tailed Warbler. Other common examples of birds one expect to see include White-bellied Robin-Chat, Shelley’s Crimson wing, Dwarf Honey guide, Chapin’s Flycatcher, African Green Broad bill, Crowned Eagle, African Crowned Eagle, Mountain Buzzard, Yellow-bellied Wattle-eye, Strange Weaver, Dusky Twin spot, Montane Oriole, Regal Sun bird, African wood owl, Western green tinker bird, Dwarf honey guide and Kivu ground-thrush among others.

Conclusively, birding watching in Bwindi Uganda is a very precious activity that can be done in any of the birding spots above. It’s always advisable to move with a tour guide when going for bird watching activity to help you organize such kinds of journeys to Bwindi National Park. As usual bird watching equipment such as cameras, Binoculars, water as well as gumboots are necessary when doing birding safaris.

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