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Entebbe airport transfers to Bwindi

Entebbe airport transfers to Bwindi are done by safari operators who pick you up at the airport and then take you to the park for your safari activities

Entebbe airport transfers to Bwindi

Entebbe airport transfers to Bwindi are organized for travelers that are visiting Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. The transfers are done by safari operators who pick you up at the airport and then transfer you to the park. Entebbe international airport is the main entry into Uganda where Bwindi is located and therefore it’s what most travelers use during their Bwindi gorilla safari.

Bwindi is one of Uganda’s most visited national parks because of its endangered mountain gorillas. There are other gorilla parks in Africa such as Mgahinga, Volcanoes, and Virunga but Bwindi gets the highest number of travelers because it has the highest number of gorilla families as well as the highest gorilla population. Transfers to Bwindi can be done in just a single day by using road transport or air transport.

Entebbe airport transfers to Bwindi are organized by the tour operators in charge of your trip. If you are going to use road transport, they must make sure they get you a good safari vehicle for your budget and if you are going to fly to the park, they must book for you seats to the park by contacting a local airline company can be Aerolink Uganda or Bar Aviation Uganda.

At Africa Adventure Vacations after knowing the time you will be landing at the airport, we make sure our safari driver there is there before. He will always be in the waiting room and he will be ready to welcome you. He will brief you about the safari and the journey and thereafter you will start on your journey to the park. If you are to fly to the park, you will be driven to Kajjansi airstrip or you will use Entebbe international airport.

For travelers that are using road transport to get transferred to Bwindi National park, you will use the Entebbe express high to connect to Busega where you will join Kampala road to Masaka to Mbarara to Ntungamo to Kabale or Kisoro. You will leave the main road from Kabale or Kisoro to any of the sectors of the park you will be doing gorilla trekking from. From Entebbe to Bwindi is about 500 km and it takes 9-10 hours to get to the park.

For travelers that want to transfer to Bwindi National park using chartered flights. They must book their tickets earlier in advance and on arrival at Entebbe international airport, they will be transferred to Kajjansi airstrip or they can fly from the airport to Kisoro airstrip if visiting Nkuringo, Ruhija, and Rushaga regions while those visiting Buhoma do use Kihihi airstrip that is located within the region. Flights to Kisoro and Kihihi airstrip are done three times a day if there is good weather and they do take 1 hour and 45 minutes.

When to take a visit to Bwindi?

Travelers can take a visit to Bwindi National park any time of the year but there are months that are said to be better than the rest. The dry months are the best to visit Bwindi National parkand they happen from June to September and December to February. They are good months to visit the park because they are characterized by little or no rainfall and this means that the roads connecting to the park are passable, weather is good for flights, inside the park the trekking trails are dry, the vegetation is short and thin with good views of Bwindi gorillas.

Travelers can still visit Bwindi National park during the rainy season of March to May and October to November. During that period, they will enjoy huge discounts on accommodation facilities because when the people became few in the park, lodge owners reduce prices. During the rainy season, travelers should note that the road connecting to the park are in bad conditions, the flights can delay when the weather is not good while inside the park the trekking trails are muddy and slippery, and the vegetation is tall with unclear views of the wild animals.

Accommodation facilities in Bwindi

Bwindi National park has several accommodation facilities found in different sectors of the park. Travelers don’t have to worry about where to stay because each of the gorilla trekking regions has enough accommodation where travelers can stay. A few of the accommodation facilities in Bwindi National park include Engagi Lodge, Rushaga Gorilla Lodge, Four Gorillas Lodge, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, Gorilla Heights Lodge, Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, Agandi Lodge, Gift of Nature Lodge, and Chameleon Hill Lodge among others.

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