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How many rhinos are in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

How many rhinos are in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary: There are over 35 rhinos living in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary the only home of white rhinos in Uganda

How many rhinos are in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

How many rhinos are in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary: There are over 35 rhinos living in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary the only home of white rhinos in Uganda. Over 35 white rhinos can be observed in different areas of Ziwa rhino sanctuary on a visit doing day to day activities like feeding, breastfeeding, and resting among others.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a 70 sq. km piece of land in Nakasongola district purposely gazetted to protect white rhinos. The rhinos live in the savannah and woodland type of vegetation which is a source of food to them. In Ziwa rhino sanctuary, southern white rhinos live together with a few mammals, primates, and birds.

Before the 1980s, Uganda was home to rhinos living in Kidepo valley national park and Murchison falls national park. Due to poaching and wars, the rhinos were all killed and by 1983, there were no more rhinos in Uganda. The country had no rhinos until the 2000s when Uganda decided to import new rhinos from outside the country.

In 2002, the present day Ziwa rhino sanctuary was chosen to be the permanent home of the white rhinos which were to be gotten from outside Uganda. In 2005, 4 rhinos from Kenya and 2 rhinos were imported to Uganda from United States of America and Kenya. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary started with 6 rhinos and the population keeps on increasing.

From 6 white rhinos, the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary now has over 35 white rhinos. A non-profitable organization is working closely with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to protect the animals on the ranch. The goal is to increase the rhino population and send them to their original habitats in Uganda’s protected areas.

Tourists who visit Ziwa rhino sanctuary are doing a very great job because the money that is collected helps in making sure these rhinos are safe and healthy. The sanctuary has armed ranger guides who are deployed everywhere to make sure that these rhinos don’t get any harm.

Rhino tracking is the activity to do if you want to observe the whir rhinos of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. The activity is a guided one led by armed ranger guides whose role is to make sure tourists and animals are safe. A briefing is first done to teach the tourists the rules and regulations of the activity.

Armed ranger guides led the tourists as they move around the gazetted piece of land searching for where the rhinos could be. The search takes a few hours because these animals move freely in all areas and so seeing them is very easy. When spotted, tourists are given time to watch them grazing, breastfeeding, resting, and in doing so they get to learn about their behaviors.

Other wildlife in Ziwa rhino sanctuary


Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary shelters around 300 bird species that live in the savannah and woodland type of vegetation. Birds within this sanctuary are best seen during bird watching activities which are best done in the morning and evening hours. There are savannah birds Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and waterbirds in Lugogo swamp which is next to the sanctuary.

A good bird watching day, birders will be able to see species such as the elusive shoebill stork, pearl spotted owlet, Nubian woodpecker, soot chat, Namaqua dove, goliath heron, double-toothed barbet, African paradise flycatcher, martial eagle, African hawk eagle, pied crow, plain martin, lizard buzzard, grassland pipit, green crombec, sedge warbler, malachite kingfisher, specked weaver, bat hawk, flapped lark.

Abyssinian ground hornbill, black-crowned tchagra, klass’s cuckoo, pied kingfisher, common ringed plover, foxes weaver, great egret, brown-backed scrub robin, chinspot batis, cardinal woodpecker, African pygmy kingfisher, sooty falcon, fork-tailed drongo, black and white shrike flycatcher, fan-tailed widow bird, spotted eagle owl, curlew francolin, black kite, and giant kingfisher to mention but a few.


Ziwa rhino sanctuary is home to over 40 mammals and different primate species. These animals live in different areas of the sanctuary where tourists can meet them while carrying out different tourism activities. Nature walks are the best way to see these animals which include Bushbucks, waterbucks, oribis, monkeys, olive baboons, leopards, hippos, and crocodiles to mention but a few.

Best time Visit Ziwa

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is best visited in the driest months of the year which happen from June to September and December to February. These months are the best because they have little rainfall and plenty of sunshine. The walking trails within the sanctuary are dry and easier to move through while the vegetation is short and scattered giving clear views of attractions.

Tourists can still use the rainy season to visit Ziwa rhino sanctuary and be part of the different activities that take place there. There is too much rainfall and little sunshine during this season which makes the walking trails muddy and slippery, and vegetation is tall with unclear views of some of the attractions in the sanctuary.

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