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How to save money on a safari in Lake Mburo national park

How to save money on a safari in Lake Mburo national park: It’s always an amazing experience to take a safari to lake Mburo due to it's features

How to save money on a safari in Lake Mburo national park

How to save money on a safari in Lake Mburo national park: Taking a safari to lake Mburo national park is an adventure that will keep you extremely interested. It’s always an amazing experience to take a safari to lake Mburo national park because it has a lot to offer to tourists for the time they are in the park. If you want to visit this park for a few days you are going to need money. Saving money to have a safari is never done in a single day and those who manage to save up always ask “How to save money on a safari”

The above being said there are so many ways tourists can save money on a safari in this park and today we are going to show you different less expensive ways to still have a good time in the park.

How to save money on a safari in Lake Mburo national park

Participate in a few parks’ activities

So many activities are carried out in this national park but for travelers who want to save on the safari, we do encourage them to participate in a few activities. There are activities that give tourists the best results for example game drives and horse riding safaris. A traveler can choose to do any of the activities and still encounter park wild animals. Tourists who do biding watching can leave nature walks because they are somehow similar.

Stay in affordable accommodation facilities

Tourists looking for a way of saving on a safari in Lake Mburo national park can opt to stay in budget and mid-range accommodation facilities. Luxury lodges are somehow expensive but tourists should know that if you do your booking early enough you might get a good mid-range accommodation facility with good services. Budget and mid-range accommodation facilities still offer excellent services to their clients.

Use road transport to the park

Lake Mburo national park is located so close to Kampala/Entebbe because it takes 4 to 5 hours to reach the park. If you are looking for ways of saving on a safari to Lake Mburo national park it’s better you use road transport because it’s very cheap compared to when you use road transport. By road transport from Kampala/Entebbe, you drive through Mpigi, Masaka, Lyantonde, and Kiruhura where the park is located.

Travel in the low season

For tourists looking on how to save on a safari in this national park then the best time to travel is the low season. During the low season, a few tourists visit Lake Mburo national park and this forces the lodge owners to reduce the prices so that they attract the few that are visiting the park. The low season in lake Mburo national park happens from March to May and October to October.

Travel as a group

When traveling as a group, you share some of the costs of a safari. Among these include the safari vehicle, fuel, safari guide, accommodation, and much more. When the costs are shared it means that you will pay less money compared to some who travel alone and will need the same services. For travelers who don’t have travel groups, there are local tour operators who can help you get a group so that you share the costs.

Use a local tour operator

Using a local tour operator for your safari in lake Mburo national park helps you to save in one way or another. A local tour operator saves you from online fraudsters who steal clients’ money and disappear. He saves you from getting tired of searching for the right service provides and in the end helps you to get a well-organized safari. Tourists should know that they get special rates on locals, car hire and flights which individuals can’t get.

Tip where necessary

It’s not a must for tourists to tip while on a safari but it’s a sign of appreciation when someone has done a very wonderful job for you. If you get someone to tip while on your safari, it’s better you first ask your safari guide and see how much money they deserve. This, in the end, prevents you from overspending on people hence saving money on a safari in Lake Mburo national park.


Some Africans have a tendency of hiking prices after seeing a foreigner coming to support them. If you can bargain always do so that the service provider reduces prices for you. If you don’t know how to bargain, you can always send your safari driver to buy what you want because they know most of the prices in the market.

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