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Is a safari in Kidepo valley national park expensive

Is a safari in Kidepo valley national park expensive: The cost for a safari to Kidepo is pocket friendly that every one who intends to travel affords it

Is a safari in Kidepo valley national park expensive

Is a safari in Kidepo valley national park expensive: Is a safari in Kidepo valley national park expensive? This is one of the questions every traveler that is visiting Kidepo valley national park for the first time asks. The money needed for a safari in Kidepo valley national park is not what will make you break the bank in order to accomplish this. Kidepo valley national park safari is very affordable to all kinds of travelers. Yes, the price might be different but everyone can afford to visit the most isolated national park that has got a lot to offer.

A safari to Kidepo valley national park takes you to northeastern Uganda Kaabong district. This is where you find Kidepo valley national park covering 1442 sq. km piece of land. The national park was gazetted in 1962 as a national park to protect different wildlife species among which included mammals, primates, and birds. The attractions within this park include 76 mammals, 467 birds, mountains, hills, rivers, and hot springs.

Different tourists have had safaris in Kidepo valley national park and this means that a safari there is affordable. The answer to the question of if the safari in Kidepo valley national park is expensive depends on a number of factors. Below are things that determine the cost of a safari in Kidepo valley national park.

The number of days

The total number of days to spend or spent in Kidepo valley national park determines the cost of the safari. A safari in Kidepo valley national park does become expensive if tourists or a tourist spends more days in the park. The more the number of days the more the park entrance fees, accommodation as well as park activities. Park entrance fees are for 24 hours, accommodation is per night and each activity has a price.

The number of activities

Different activities are carried out in Kidepo valley national park and among these include game drives, nature walks, bird watching, hiking, and cultural walks among others. Participating in each activity comes with its own cost. This is because some activities require armed ranger guides for security reasons.  Only day game drives come at a free cost only if an armed ranger guide from UWA is not used. The more a tourist takes part in park activities, the more money is spent on a safari.

The accommodation used

There are different accommodation facilities within Kidepo valley national park that tourists can use during their stay in the park.  The accommodations in Kidepo range from budget to mid-range to luxury options and this means that the lodge you will stay in will determine the cost of the safari. Staying in a luxury accommodation will make the safari expensive and the reverse is true.

Mode of transport

Kidepo valley national park is accessed by both air transport and road transport and a traveler choose what they want to use. Air transport is normally used by tourists who want to travel a luxury style and also those that hate traveling for long distances. Road transport is used by tourists that are okay with long distances and also those that want to explore. Air transport will make a safari expensive and road transport will make the safari cheaper.

The number of travelers

How many people travel on a safari does determine the cost of a safari. A safari is likely to be cheap when tourists travel as a group and it does become expensive when tourists travel few. This is because a group of tourists share accommodation, transport, and much more which is not with solo travelers. Tourists who want a less expensive safari in Kidepo valley national will need to travel as a group or ask a local tour operator to join them in a group.

The local tour operator used

There are so many local tour operators in Uganda and each has their own way they price their packages. There are tour operators who organize luxury safaris and there are those who organize safaris according to someone’s budget. When choosing a local tour operator, look for someone who will fit your travel budget. Africa Adventure Vacations is one of the local tour companies that can organize luxury, mid-range, or budget safaris in Kidepo valley national park and other parts of the country.

Time of travel

Tourists who travel in the high season will find a safari n Kidepo valley national park a bit expensive compared to those that travel in the low season. This is because the high season has everything expensive starting from the accommodation to tour packages. The prices go high because lots of tourists are traveling but in the low season the prices go low because there are a few people traveling and every service provider reduces the prices to attract the few tourists that are in the country.

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