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Is gorilla trekking safe?

Is gorilla trekking safe

Is gorilla trekking safe?

Is gorilla trekking safe? Gorilla trekking is one of the most exciting but threatening tourist adventure activities as compared to other wildlife activities. It is because of this reason that most tourists wonder whether it is safe to do a gorilla trek without any harm while of gorilla safaris.  As a result, when one reads and thinks of taking up a gorilla tour in African wildness, the issues of safety become a lot of bit concern.

In a country like Uganda dubbed the pearl of Africa, there are two major homes for the mountain gorilla. Driving to the southwestern direction of this beautiful country, you will explore the two gorilla parks of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga national park in the districts of Kisoro, Kanungu, and Kabale. These forested parks harbor a small group of gorilla populations. Currently, there are about 1065 mountain gorillas in the whole world and half of these gorillas about 550 are found in Uganda.

Mountain gorilla tracking in Uganda is a life-changing activity offering an undisputable experience to all travelers to engage in it. Despite the fact that the activity of gorilla trekking is highly demented and has attracted several significant travelers from different corners of the world, it is important that very safety precautions be taken to ensure that visitors on gorilla trekking activity are safe and well secured.

Gorilla trekking is safe and thrilling activity once you have followed all the necessary safety precautions as will be described below in this article.  Exploring and encountering the endangered mountain gorillas is really very safe and as a visitor, you don’t need to worry since the gorilla trekking might be the safest activity among other wildlife activities in Africa.

First and foremost there are rules and procedures that every visitor must adhere to qualify for this glorious activity. These rules are well explained to the trekker by the experienced guides before they embark on the gorilla trekking through a very early morning briefing that usually happens at the visited gorilla park headquarters.

Even when the journey for searching the gorillas has begun in the wild, the range will still keep reminding you to stick of the briefed rules and tells you what next as the activity is going on. Remember as the security measure, the safety and security of any person begin with that particular person. Therefore you as the visitor, you as well make sure that you maintain your personal security during gorilla trekking and ask for anything you feel like you have understood.

Watching Gorillas in Bwindi Park

Watching Gorillas in Bwindi Park

Provided that you follow correctly the guideline explained to you by your guide before the activity then gorilla trekking becomes safe. Even when interacting with gorillas you must maintain a 7-meter distance and once this is done then your safety is guaranteed

The lead ranger guides become so serious when it comes to maintaining the 7-meter distance away from mountain gorillas when trekking. He or she will keep reminding you of the travelers not to eat, smoke, and even drink while in the presence of mountain gorillas.

Keeping eye contact direct with gorillas is also not recommended as this might disturb the gorilla hence charging. Even when the trekked gorillas come close near you, you’re not supposed to run away you just need to keep standing.  It is allowed to take photos but while taking them you need to make sure that your flashlights are off. Once all these are followed the gorilla trekking safety is guaranteed.

Gorilla trekking is only done to habituated gorillas families. These gorillas are trained and it takes more than one and a half years to train these amiable gorillas to get used to human beings such that when they are being trekked they are already used to the public. The park management is always aware of the security issues of gorilla trekking and they will constantly update you in vase the need arises.

In Uganda where gorilla trekking is carried out in Bwindi and Mgahinga forest National park, there are always joint security organs composed of the armed ranger-guided, tourism police, and the army all aimed at providing you with safety and security during trekking.

Presently there are two destinations of Uganda and Uganda are the safest destinations to visit. In Uganda, you can trek mountain gorilla in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks while in Rwanda, gorilla trekking is done in Volcanoes national park. However, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you can do gorilla trekking but you need to very careful as the destination is still recovering from different insurgencies that have hit the area.

Gorilla trekking is a thrilling adventure activity that can be conducted throughout the year. Before trekking, you need to listen and implement the set rules and procedures to have an exciting primate experience. If you intend to visit gorilla in Africa please contact this website for more details.

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