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Last minute gorilla booking to Bwindi

Last minute gorilla booking to Bwindi

Last minute gorilla booking to Bwindi

Last minute gorilla booking to Bwindi are done by those travelers that have emergencies such as volunteering work, conferences, relief work, family visits, and business trips to the country and wouldn’t want to live without encountering mountain gorillas. Last minute gorilla booking can still be done by travelers that are on a safari and would love to combine it with mountain gorilla trekking before leaving the country.

Well, Bwindi is the best place for last minute gorilla booking because it has got over 4 gorilla trekking regions and 21 mountain gorilla families to trek in these regions. A traveler has high chances of seeing find gorilla permits still available in Bwindi which has over 160 permits than in Mgahinga national park which has only 8 gorilla permits.

Bwindi is located in the southwestern part of Uganda and has the highest number of gorillas and gorilla families in the whole world. Over 160 travelers can visit Bwindi impenetrable forest national park on a daily basis and this can’t be seen anywhere in any other gorilla park. Travelers booking last minute gorilla permits to this park have chance of finding mountain gorilla permits still available especially in the rainy season. This is because a few travelers are visiting the park in the rainy season due to plenty of rainfall that affects the gorilla trekking activity.

When should it be the last time to book last minute gorilla safari to Bwindi?

Last time to book last minute gorilla safari to Bwindi should be 24 hours/ a day before the trekking date. This is because as a local tour operator, we need to first try as much as well can book the gorilla permits and in most cases, you might end up getting the ones of the sectors you never wanted or even Mgahinga national park. and if that is done, we book the accommodation in the park of which you might not get one of your choices and then vehicle to transfer you to the park.

Travelers that are booking last minute gorilla safaris to Bwindi should be very quick in making decisions because the gorilla permits sell out so fast and therefore the faster a traveler agrees the better. Travelers should know that last minute gorilla bookings can be done by cash but the best option is paying cash because money in the bank may take time to show up yet it’s needed to be used for different things during the safari.

Booking last minute gorilla permits

Travelers will need to contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations with the exact date they want to trek mountain gorillas and we shall use this information to check for the availability of gorilla permits with the Uganda Wildlife Authority.  If the permits are still available you will be lucky and you will need to be faster paying for that permit before any other person pays for it. Uganda Wildlife Authority gives out gorilla permits on a first come first serve basis. You will send the money for the permit and proof of payment and we shall ask you for passport details for your permit to be booked.

How much are gorilla permits to Bwindi

Gorilla trekking permits to Bwindi impenetrable forest national par are cards issued by UWA to enable travelers to encounter these apes in their natural habitats. Gorilla trekking permits are sold to persons above the age of 15 years at a fee of $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 foreign residents, and UGX250,000 citizens of East Africa. The gorilla habituation permits do cost $1500 for foreign non-residents, $foreign residents, and Citizens of East Africa.

Best time to visit Bwindi

Bwindi can be visited at any time of the year however the best time to do so is the dry season which occurs from June to September and December to February. The dry season is characterized by little or no rainfall that makes the trekking trails stay dry, the vegetation is short and thin with great views of the mountain gorillas while the roads connecting to the park are passable.

Travelers can still visit the magical Bwindi to encounter endangered mountain gorillas in the rainy seasons which occur from March to May and October to November to enjoy huge discounts on accommodation facilities. Travelers coming the rainy season should know that too much rainfall makes the trekking trails muddy and slippery, the vegetation is tall and thick with unclear views of the park animals and the roads connecting to the park are impassable.

Accessing Bwindi for gorilla trekking

Bwindi can be accessed using road transport or air transport within a single day. The national park can be accessed using road transport from Kigali within 4-5 hours or Kampala within 9-10 hours. From Kampala, travelers can access Bwindi gorilla park by going through Masaka, Mbarara, Kabale, or Kisoro town to any of the sectors of Bwindi. Travelers from Kigali will have to cross into the country using Katuna border on Kabale or Cyanika border in Kisoro to access any of the sectors of the park.

Travelers that want to travel a luxury life or those that hate traveling a long distance can access Bwindi using air transport.  There are flights by Aerolink Uganda, Bar Aviation Uganda, and Fly Uganda to Kisoro airstrip for those visiting Nkuringo region, Ruhija region, Rushaga region, and Kihihi airstrip for those visiting Buhoma region.

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