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Luxury wildlife safaris in Semuliki national park

Having luxury wildlife safaris in Semuliki national park is very easy as long as you get a luxury accommodation facility in and around the park

Luxury wildlife safaris in Semuliki national park

Luxury wildlife safaris in Semuliki national park: Having a luxury wildlife safari in Semuliki national park is very easy as long as you get a luxury accommodation facility in and around the park. Most luxury travelers to Uganda always want to a tour around the country and one of the places to visit is Semuliki national park. Semuliki is a small sized national park in the western Uganda Bundibugyo district covering a total area of 220 sq. km.

Semuliki national park is the perfect destination for luxury wildlife safaris with low crowds. Planning a luxury safari to this park is very challenging therefore you will need a good local tour operator like Africa adventure vacations to organize a memorable luxury safari to this park. Our company does help you in booking activities, safari vehicle, guides, and accommodation to use while on a safari.

A safari to Semuliki national park is a once in a lifetime experience for many travelers. First, it’s the only national park where you meet two hot springs in Uganda. The national park is also home to 435 bird species, 9 primates, and 53 mammals living in the lowland tropical rainforest. Below are activities tourists on a luxury safari in Semuliki national park can be part of.

Activities to do on a luxury wildlife safari in Semuliki national park

Visiting the hot springs

One of the most outstanding attractions in Semuliki national park are the hot springs which are located inside the park. Semuliki national park hosts the female hot spring called Nyasimbi and the male hot spring called Bintente. On a safari in Semuliki national park, you can visit the hot springs and learn more about their history while seeing wonders.  Scientifically, these hot springs were formed as a result of geothermal heat underground which increases the hotness of underground rocks.

A ranger guide from the park takes you to Sempaya hot springs and he keeps telling you about different information about the area. The female hot spring has a geyser that sprays water up to 2 meters high while the male hot spring is just a pool. The waters at these hot springs reach a maximum of 100 degrees celsius and they boil foods such as eggs. On your visit, you can taste the eggs for yourself to confirm.

Bird watching semuliki

Over 435 bird species have been recorded in Semuliki national park vegetation. These birds are best seen when tourists go for bird watching activities in and around the park. With a good birding guide, bird lovers are able to see more than half of the recorded bird species within this park. Bird watching in semuliki is done using trails of the park such as Kirumia trail, red-tailed monkey trail, Nyuburoga gorge trail and Sempaya nature trail among others.

Notable bird species in Semuliki national park include Shoe bill stork, chestnut-bellied helmetshrike, Malachite kingfisher, Eastern-bearded greenbul, swamp palm bulbul, Grauer’s cuckoo-shrike, White-crested hornbill, Orange-cheeked Waxbill, Leaf-love, Black Dwarf Hornbill, Red-thighed Sparrow hawk, Ross’s Turaco, Long-tailed hawk, Icterine greenbul, Red-eyed puffback, piping hornbill, Crested Malimbe, Black-chinned quailfinch, Piping Hornbill, yellow-throated nicator, pale-fronted negrofinch, African pygmy goose, and Capuchin Babbler.

Other bird species of Semuliki national park include White-throated Blue Swallow, White-crested hornbill, Great blue Turaco, Spotted honeyguide, Zenker’s honeyguide, Orange-tufted sunbird, Capuchin babbler, Long tailed hawk, Fiery-breasted bush-shrike, Great white pelican, Black-Dwarf hornbill, Green-tailed bristlebill, Nkulengu rail, Northern bearded scrub robin, Yellow-throated cuckoo, Black-throated coucal, Purple-breasted sunbird, Yellow-throated Nicator, Gabon woodpecker, Hartlaub’s duck, Long-tailed Hawk, Red-billed dwarf hornbill, Congo serpent eagle, and Western Bronze-naped Pigeon among other bird species in Semuliki

Nature walks

Nature walks in any national park are done to enable tourists to get so close to the park. In Semuliki national park tourists can be part of the nature walks to see what nature has got to offer. The nature walks can expose you to different vegetation covers, birds, mammals, primates, hot springs, and rivers among many others. The nature walk is a guided activity in Semuliki national park where by ranger take tourist around the park to spot the different attraction found there.

Visiting the Batwa

Luxury tourists that love African culture can visit the Batwa pygmies while in Semuliki national park. The Batwa used to live in Semuliki forest not until they were evicted to go settle in the nearby areas. This way done by the government with the aim of protecting the park animals and vegetation. Boma village is where tourists can find the batwa and it’s a local guide that takes you to their community. A visit helps you know about their history, what they do for a living, and you get entertainment from local dancers.

Visiting the batwa will help you to know how they lives have been changing ever since they left the forest. UWA still allows them to visit the park for water, herbs, firewood and to also practice cultural ceremonies around the hot springs. These pygmies believe in small gods for they do sacrifices at the hot springs while praying. Because of intermarriages, the way of living of the Batwa people is changing and you will be able to see it while on a cultural safari to their homes.

Accessing Semuliki national park for budget wildlife safaris

Semuliki national park can be accessed using road transport and air transport. Luxury travelers will choose the mode of transport to use based on the price of the safari. By air transport, tourists access Semuliki national park in fewer hours if they fly to Kasese airstrip and then use road transport to Semuliki national park. Airline companies such as Aerolink Uganda, Bar Aviation Uganda, and Kampala executive aviation have flights to Kasese.

Luxury travelers on a wildlife safari to Semuliki national park can also use road transport to get to the park. There are good safari vehicles that can be used during this safari so definitely you will have to enjoy it. By road transport, tourists can get to Semuliki national park in 4 to 5 hours. The journey from Kampala/Entebbe goes through Mityana, Mubende, Kyegegwa, Kyenjojo, Fortportal then Bindibugyo where the park is located.

The most appropriate time to have luxury wildlife safaris in Semuliki national park

Tourists can visit Semuliki national park for luxury wildlife safaris at any time of the year however certain months are better than others. The dry season months from June to September and December to February are the best for this safari because they are characterized by good weather. These months have little or no rainfall received and they have favorable sunshine. During the dry season, the trails are dry and easier to navigate and the activities go on as planned.

Luxury travelers can also visit Semuliki national park during the rainy season which is from March to May and October to November. The park is always open and all activities do happen during that period however what is not good about the rainy season is the plenty of rainfall received in that park that leaves the trails muddy and even slippery. Bird watching is however best done during this period because there is plenty of food in the park.

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