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Murchison River Lodge

Murchison River Lodge is a mid-range accommodation facility situated on the southern banks of River Nile with great facilities and well-trained staff

Murchison River Lodge

Murchison River Lodge is one of the mid-range accommodation facilities nested in Murchison falls national park on the southern banks of River Nile. The lodge is perfectly built overlooking the River Nile and Murchison falls national park which is the country’s largest protected area. Tourists staying at Murchison River Lodge are always having a panoramic view of the national park and River Nile.

Murchison River Lodge is one of the best mid-range accommodation facilities in Murchison falls national park with great facilities and well-trained staff that have good customer care. The lodge has 4 en-suite grass thatched cottages, 13 en-suite classic tents, and 3 comfortable tents all of these have wide verandas that overlook the bush and River Nile.

Murchison River Lodge has a swimming pool where guests can cool off the heat, an outdoor fireplace, a children’s playground, a well-stocked bar with soft and hard drinks, and a restaurant with local and international meals prepared by well-trained chefs. Tourists can book this lodge on their safari to Murchison falls national park by themselves but they can get great rates with a local tour operator as they pattern with these accommodation facilities.

Activities to do while staying at Murchison River Lodge

Game drives: Who stays at this Lodge and fails to be part of the game drive activities? The answer is no one. Therefore guests staying in all accommodation facilities in Murchison falls national park can be part of the day game drives which are free or night game drives which come at a fee to see nocturnal animals. Murchison falls national park is home to over 76 mammals and 13 primates most of which can be seen during the game drives within the park.

During the game drives which are done using game tracks to different areas of the park, guests staying at the Lodge will be able to see animals such as giraffes, duikers, lions, buffaloes, oribis, topis, elephants, Uganda kobs, hyenas, waterbucks, bushbucks, Jackson’s hartebeests, olive baboons, and different monkey species among others.

Birding: Are you a bird lover staying at Murchison River Lodge? Well, you shouldn’t miss out on carrying out birding activities in this large national park because it’s said over 41 bird species have their home in the savannah, woodland, and riverine vegetation cover. Birding activities are guided and these take place in different areas of the park.

The birding exercise will give tourists an opportunity to see birds such as white-faced whistling duck, spotted thick-knee, black-headed plover, long-tailed nightjar, secretary bird, black crake, bar-breasted firefinch, red-throated bee-eater, beautiful sunbird, silver bird, yellow fronted tinkerbird, white-browed sparrow weaver, malachite kingfisher, rock pratincole, grey-headed bush shrike, pygmy crake, and grey crowned crane among others.

Exploring the River Nile: Murchison River Lodge is built about 5 minutes’ walk from River Nile which is the largest water body in Murchison falls national park. The River Nile intercepts Murchison falls national park into two sections with Murchison River Lodge found on the southern banks of the River Nile. Taking a boat cruise will give you an opportunity to see and explore the longest river in the world.

A boat cruise from Murchison River Lodge will take you for 2-3 hours around the River Nile and this will give you an opportunity to see water animals such as crocodiles and hippos. Tourists will be able to see water birds among which include the shoebill stork, papyrus gonoleck, and giant kingfisher among others. Tourists can also talk a bottom cruise to the bottom of the falls where they will see Murchison falls the strongest waterfalls in the world.

Enjoy sport fishing in Murchison Falls National Park

Enjoy sport fishing in Murchison Falls National Park

Sport fishing: Because Murchison River Lodge is located close to River Nile, tourists that love spirit fishing can always be part of the activity to catch the different fish species within River Nile. The sport fishing activity comes at a fee and it’s guided by good anglers. With a help of rods, tourists are able to catch tilapia, Nile perch, and catch fish but on a catch and release basis.

Nature walks: Murchison River Lodge is surrounded by different vegetation covers which are homes to a number of bird species and different wild animals that belong to the park. Nature walks are some of the activities to do during your free time around the lodge or inside the park in order to explore the area on foot. The nature walks are done to enable you to see different attractions of the park among which include mammals, primates, birds, River Nile, and vegetation.

Hike to the top of the falls: Guests staying at Murchison River Lodge who would love to get to the top of the fall will be driven there so that they don’t miss out on this chance while they are still in the park. A hike to the top of the falls is done for those that would love to explore the Murchison falls which are the strongest falls in the world. On getting to the top of the falls, tourists will be able to have a good view of the Murchison falls national park, animals, water birds and the might Murchison falls which are formed when water running at a very high speed passes through a narrow gorge.

When to stay at Murchison River Lodge

Tourists can stay at Murchison River Lodge at any time they visit the park however there are seasons that are better than the rest. Tourists will have more fun staying at Murchison River Lodge during the dry season since it’s the best time to visit the park. All park activities go on smoothly the fact that there is little or no rainfall and they will always return to the lodge happily.

Tourists can still visit Murchison falls national park in rainy season an stay at Murchison river lodge from March to May and October to November to enjoy huge discounts on accommodation facilities. The rainy season however comes with too much rainfall which makes most of the park activities uninteresting for example the game tracks are muddy and slippery, vegetation is tall and thick with unclear views of the park animals and the roads leading to the park are impassable.

Accessing Murchison River Lodge

By road transport, tourists can get to Murchison River Lodge by driving from Kampala through Luwero, Nakasongola to Masindi. From Masindi, you will drive up to Mubako gate where you will show your park entrance fee to access the national park and from there it’s just 1.5km to the lodge.

By air transport, there are chattered flights by Aerolink Uganda and Bar Aviation Uganda at Kajjansi airstrip and Entebbe international airstrip to Pakuba or Bugugu airstrip within Murchison falls national park. Flights are easier and take only 1 hour to get to the park where you are picked up to this accommodation facility.

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