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Nyakagezi gorilla family in Mgahinga National Park

Nyakagezi gorilla family in Mgahinga National Park

Nyakagezi gorilla family in Mgahinga National Park

Nyakagezi gorilla family in Mgahinga National Park: Mgahinga National park traced from the southwestern part of Uganda in the district of Kisoro. Its proximity to Bwindi impenetrable Forest National park makes it well known to travelers because of the gorilla trekking activity. It’s also among the major national park in the world sheltering mountain gorillas irrespective of its smallest size of 33.7 square kilometers and forms the part of grater Virunga conservation areas which includes Virunga in Democratic Republic of Congo and volcano National in the republic of Rwanda.

Additionally, the park became a sanctuary of birds in 1930 and later was turned into a national park in 1991. This was done to ensure that endangered species depend on forests as their shelters which by then human activities such as deforestation and agriculture had reduced the habitat for these forests. The Virunga volcanoes which include Muhabura, Sabinyo, and Gahinga mountains are covered by this park. This article will explore the only habituated gorilla family called Nyakagezi, its composition, and how it came into existence.

The Nyakagezi gorilla family is the only gorgeous habituated gorilla family located in Mgahinga National park which is available for tourists to trek. Its habituation gives travelers a formidable advantage to interact with the endangered gorilla species in their wildness. Since each gorilla family has its composition of individuals, Nyakagezi is composed of nine members which include four silver two young ones, one juvenile, and two female adults. These dominant silverbacks each has got unique name depending on generations and sometimes people who work with them especially for on habituation and research activities.

The dominant silverback among the four is known as Mark who took over the powers from the father Bugingo. This Bugingo is very unique after losing the powers to the son instead of forming or leaving the group, he remained in the same group happily and now does the advisory role in the group. This is a gorilla democracy. The other silverbacks include Mafia and Mathew while Nyiramwiza and Nshuti are the only adult blackbacks in the group with Nkanda the youthful while Rukundo and Mutagamba are the infants.

One would wonder why this gorilla family is called Nyakagezi not any other name, in Mgahinga there is a place called Nyakagezi with a lot of foods in form of fruits where these gorillas would converge to get food. This availability of plenty of food in this area the gorillas was always spotted in that place and hence generation and calling the name Nyakagezi. Besides, this family is the simplest to trek because it prefers being converging in a small narrow range for nesting, feeding, and recreation and thus they can be easily accessed and trekked easily.

In terms of trekking these gorilla families, the Nyakagezi gorilla family is well known as the movable gorilla that always moves cross three neighboring countries of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Rwanda. However, as of today, this gorilla family has settled in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda where visitors who visit the park are guaranteed of having a glance at these interesting gorilla families.

Further Nyakagezi gorilla family is one of the astonishing and spectacular gorilla family that is worth trekking in Uganda because of being the only family fully habituated in Mgahinga National park and because of its mobility characters to different countries, additionally, the ability of this gorilla group to retain its old Mzee Bugingo who is currently living with the group as silverback in happy moments. Travelers to this park have narrated that the gorilla family is well located is very easy to trek with a rewarding experience.

It is always advisable that the fact that gorilla’s family have untimely behavior and movements, visitors are advised to book the gorilla permits in advance such that the preparations are made specially to ascertain whether the gorilla family is within the Mgahinga or whether they have crossed to a neighboring. The gorilla permits of this group can be booked at Uganda wildlife Authority at Mgahinga headquarters in Ntebeko headquarters.

Remember, that only 8 gorilla permits per day are available with different rules given. Visiting Mgahinga National park does not only mean that you’re going to see only mountain gorillas but you can as well be entertained by different primates, Batwa trails, and hiking three volcanoes of mount Sabyinyo, Mt Muhavura, and Mgahinga which are all sheltered by the gorilla as well as do birding. For more information on gorilla safaris contact us at Africa adventure Vacations

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