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Safety in Semuliki national park

Safety in Semuliki national park with over 53 mammals, and 441 bird species tourists can visit the park to explore the different attractions found there

Safety in Semuliki national park

Safety in Semuliki national park: Is Semuliki national park safe to visit? Yes, Semuliki national park is generally safe for all kinds of travelers. The 220 sq. km piece of land in Bundibugyo district is a safe area to visit for different kinds of safari. Tourists from different parts of the world can visit Semuliki national park to explore the different attractions found there. Semuliki hosts 53 mammals, and 441 bird species which have found a peaceful home in the only lowland tropical rainforest in East Africa.

Thousands of travelers visit Semuliki national park for various activities like chimpanzee trekking, nature walks, bird watching, seeing hot springs and none of them has ever come out to say that the national park is not safe to visit. There are different things that make Semuliki national park a safe place and they include the following.

Things that make Semuliki national park a safe place to visit

Armed ranger guides

Semuliki national park is managed and controlled by Uganda Wildlife Authority a government body that controls all the national parks in the country. Uganda Wildlife Authority has played a very big role in making sure that the security in the parks is taught. Armed range guides have been trained to make sure that the animals and tourists within the park are all safe.

There are more than 100 armed ranger guides in Semuliki national park and their role is to make sure animals and tourists are safe while carrying out park activities. Tourists must be safe during their whole stay in the park and armed ranger guides play an important role in making sure that this happens. With different armed ranger guides in different areas of the park, tourists shouldn’t be worried about their safety in Semuliki national park.

The armed ranger guides teach the tourists the rules and regulations to follow while in different park activities. They do take tourists around the park and are available ready to protect them in case of dangerous animals. Tourists should know that there are no dangerous animals within Semuliki national park and exploring the park on foot is very safe.

The location

Semuliki national park located on the borders of Uganda and DR Congo where security is very tight. The fact that DR Congo has not safe, the security on Uganda DR Congo borders was increased to stop rebels from coming into the country. Areas surrounding Semuliki national park are all safe and this means that even tourists who visit the park will be safe all the time they are in the park.

The communities around the park are friendly and cooperative

Semuliki national park is surrounded by different tribes among which include the Batwa, Bakonjo, and Bwamba. Uganda Wildlife Authority took its time and met all the people living around the park. They were taught about the benefits of the park to the community, people, and also the country. These people living around Semuliki national park can never enter the national park without permission.

People living around Semuliki national park are very friendly, especially the batwa pygmies. While on a safari to the park, tourists can even visit them in their communities to know more about them. Batwa pygmies used to live inside Semuliki national park but were chased out to go and settle in the nearby areas. Tourists can find them around the park in their small communities.

What is the best time to visit Semuliki national park

Tourists can visit Semuliki national park at any time of the year but to have the best of the safari, the dry season from June to September and December to February is recommended. The dry season is characterized by little or no rainfall and plenty of sunshine which keep the walking trails in the park dry and easier to walk through and the vegetation is always short and scattered giving clear views of wildlife.

Tourists especially those looking at budget and cheap safaris can visit Semuliki national park during the low season of March to May and October to November. This is the low season meaning that there are few tourists and what the lodges do is reduce the prices to attract the few travelers in the park. In the end, tourists get discounted tour packages and end up saving.

In conclusion, Semuliki national park is safe to visit all year around. Tourists are strongly advised to book their safaris to Semuliki national park with trusted local tour operators. A tour operator gets you a well-trained safari driver guide, a good safari vehicle for your budget, and makes sure you stay in good and safe accommodation facilities.

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