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Top budget activities in Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Top budget activities in Rwenzori Mountains National Park are those that budget travelers can engage in while in this magnificent park

Top budget activities in Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Top budget activities in Rwenzori Mountains National Park we are looking at those activities budget travelers can do when they get to Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Rwenzori Mountains National Park is a protected area in the western part of Uganda on the borders with DR Congo. The 998 sq. km piece of land is a place where tourists can find Mount Rwenzori, 70 mammals, 217 bird species, 5 primates, rivers, and lakes.

Different activities are organized in Rwenzori mountains national park and they are all open to tourists that visit the park. The top budget activities are those budget travelers can afford while in the park and we are going to look at them today. Most of the activities in Rwenzori Mountains National Park are affordable and they include the following.

Hiking Mount Rwenzori

Hiking mountain Rwenzori can be a budget activity if hikers carry out the activity for a few days. Hiking Rwenzori can be done for 2, 3, 4, and maybe 5 days even though one needs 9 to 12 days to get to the summit. When one hikes for a few days it means that they will save on accommodation, food, porter fee, and hiking fee for the other days that would be left to get to the summit.

Hiking Mountain Rwenzori is one of the activities tourists should do when they get an opportunity to access the park. This mountain is the tallest in Uganda and the third tallest in Africa. Its highest peak is at Margherita peak on Mount Stanley at a height of 5109m above sea level. Good hikers reach the highest peak on this mountain by hiking for 9 to 12 days.

Budget travelers who love hiking can hike mountain Rwenzori for a few days and still get an opportunity to see different attractions on the mountain as well as the surrounding areas. The activity is done with armed ranger guides from within the park that take you through different hiking trails as you ascend the mountains. After hiking for a few days, armed ranger guides will again help you climb down the mountains and you will be able to meet your guide to transfer you to the lodge or next destination.

Birding in Mountain Rwenzori park

Birding in Mountain Rwenzori park is a very affordable activity in Rwenzori Mountains National Park which can be done by birders on a budget safari to the park. Rwenzori Mountains National Park is home to 217 bird species most of which can be seen by birders during bird watching activities. Birding activities take place in different areas of the park with a birding guide and an armed ranger guide whose role is to make sure birders are safe.

During Birding in Mountain Rwenzori park, birders are able to see bird species such as Black headed heron, narrow-tailed starling, archer’s robin chat, African thrush, grey-headed nigrita, black-headed sunbird, toro olive greenbul, Rwenzori turaco, grey heron, Rwenzori apalis, African black duck, black-tailed oriole, barn owl, little egret, red-eyed dove, laughing dove, grey-headed kingfisher, tambourine dove, ashy flycatcher, marabou stork, African shrike flycatcher, crowned eagle.

African green pigeon, speckled mousebird, chestnut wattle eye, malachite kingfisher, levaillant’s cuckoo, African emerald cuckoo, speckled mousebird, yellow-rumped tinkerbird, scaly throated honeyguide, alpine swift, olive woodpecker, yellow fronted tinkerbird, golden-crowned woodpecker, grey-headed sunbird, black-crowned tchagra, snowy crowned robin chat, common bulbul, and chinspot batis to mention but a few.

Nature walks

Nature walks are some of the budget activities tourists can have do while on a safari in Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Nature walks go for 30$ for foreign non-residents, $15 for foreign residents, and UGX10,000 citizens of East African member states. This price is very affordable for tourists who would want budget activities within Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The fee for nature walks comes with security by the armed range guides who lead tourists to different park areas making sure they are safe all throughout the activity. Nature walks take place in different park areas and tourists use different trails to access different areas. During the nature walks, tourists are able to see different animals, birds, vegetation, rivers, lakes, and glaciers, and meet local people along the way.

Best time to go for budget activities in Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Tourists can go for budget activities in Rwenzori Mountains National Park at any time of the year however the dry season is the best time to visit mt Rwenzori. The dry season from June to September and December to February are the best to visit the park for different budget activities. The activities go on smoothly because there is little rainfall and plenty of sunshine within the park and this keeps the walking trails dry and the vegetation is short and scattered giving clear views of attractions within the park.

Tourists can still Rwenzori Mountains National Park for budget activities during the rainy season which happens from March to May and October to November. During the rainy season, tourists are able to get discounted accommodation facilities and tour packages. Tourists should however know that there is plenty of rainfall within the park which makes the hiking/walking trails muddy and slippery and the vegetation is tall with unclear views of attractions.

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