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Tour operators to Bwindi

Tour operators to Bwindi: Thousands of local tour operators with and without experience do organize safaris to Bwindi national park for Gorilla trekking

Tour operators to Bwindi

Tour operators to Bwindi: There are so many tour operators organizing safaris to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for Gorilla trekking. Tour operators to Bwindi can be from within the country or outside the country but it’s better you use those that are living within Uganda because they have knowledge about every part of the country, primate activities, wildlife and culture. Choosing the right tour operator for Bwindi is one first thing to look at because they can make or break our safari.

Thousands of local tour operators with and without experience do organize safaris to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park but the ball is on your hands to choose whom to work with. Uganda Tourism Board licensed a number of trusted local tour operators to help travelers from within and outside the country in organizing tours to Bwindi.

A good tour operator to Bwindi should be a member of the Uganda Tour Operators Association of Uganda because they are experienced and good at what they are doing. It’s very hard to scam your money like any other tour operator who is not under this association. To have a better safari in Bwindi we advise you to work with tour operators that are licensed.

How to choose a tour operator for your safari to Bwindi

Carry out some research

Travelers that are intending to visit Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for a gorilla safari can get some time and first do a little research about different tour operators online. Travelers can search for their reviews on TripAdvisor or safari bookings, they can check their websites and also social media pages to see if they are licensed to carry out tourism activities and this will help you not to fall into scammers.

After carrying out research on different tour operators, it’s better you choose those that are licensed by Uganda Tour Operators, or those that have a membership in local tour associations. You can contact a number of them and see who will reply to you in a fast time and those that will give you a fair price. The ball will then be in your hands to choose whom to work with.


A very good tour company to Bwindi can be chosen based on their referrals from their previous travelers. Tourists intending to visit Bwindi impenetrable national park for a gorilla tour can ask some of their friends who have been to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or Uganda before to recommend good tour operators and thereafter choose from the ones that were so good to their clients.

Best tour operators to Bwindi

Africa adventure vacation is the leading tour operator to Bwindi with good safari drivers and the best tour consultants that organize your safari at an affordable price. It’s one is the tour companies I would recommend travelers intending to visit Bwindi to use if they want to have an amazing safari experience with the endangered mountain gorillas.

The tour company is licensed by Uganda Tourism Board to organize tours across the country including those going to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. At Africa Adventure Vacation we do organize budget, midrange, and luxury gorilla trekking safaris to Bwindi. Since we are licensed by UTB, we have more chances of getting clients gorilla permits than the tour operator that are not licensed, we have the best safari vehicles, and when it comes to accommodation in the park we are given special rates by the lodges we work with hence reducing on the price of your safari.

Africa Adventure Vacations:

Email: info@africaadventurevacations.com

Website: https://africaadventurevacations.com/

Uganda Gorilla Trekking

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Uganda Gorilla Safaris in Bwindi

Email: book@bwindigorillapark.com

Website: https://bwindigorillapark.com/

Visit Rwanda Tours.

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African birding trips

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What is the best time to book gorilla safaris to Bwindi?

Travelers that are intending to visit Bwindi for gorilla trekking should do it before the gorilla permits sell out. A gori8lal permit is s ticket that will allow you to encounter mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. Gorilla permits are very few compared to the number of people that want to trek gorillas and it’s because of this that we advise travelers to book their gorilla permits and safaris at least 3-4 months earlier in advance. Travelers can even book their gorilla safari 1 year or 2 years in advance to enable them to do proper planning.

Costs of gorilla permits

The gorilla permit price for Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is fair compared to that of Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Each Bwindi gorilla trekking permit goes for $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents, and UGX250,000 for East African citizens. Bwindi gorilla habituation permits cost $1500 for foreign non-residents, $1000 for foreign residents, and UGX750,000 citizens of East Africa.

Booking information for gorilla permits for Bwindi

To book gorilla permits for Bwindi you can contact a local tour operator or even do it yourself but if your safari is to be organized by a local tour operator then it’s better you do leave the work to them. The role of a traveler in booking gorilla permits is to provide the dates of the month and year they want to travel and then send the information to the tour operator.

The tour operator shall be used the information to check for the availability of the gorilla permits with Uganda Wildlife Authority to see if the permits are available. Once the permits are available then you will be sent an email containing different banking details to choose from and send them. After sending them money, you will have to send the scanned copy of the receipt and your passport details for your gorilla permit to be booked.

When to visit Bwindi

Bwindi can be visited at any time of the year however there are certain months that are better than the rest. The dry months happening from June to September and December to February are the best to have a tour in Bwindi because there is little or no rainfall that makes the trekking trails stay dry and passable, the vegetation is short and thin with good views of the mountain gorillas and the roads connecting to the park are passable.

Travelers can still book tours to Bwindi in the rainy season of March to May and October to November and this favors budget travelers because there are huge discounts on accommodation facilities. Travelers intending to have tours in Bwindi during the rainy season should note that there is plenty of rainfall which makes the roads leading to the park impassable, the trekking trails are muddy and slippery and the vegetation is short and thin with unclear views of the mountain gorillas as well as different park animals.

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