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What is the minimum age for gorilla trekking in Uganda?

What is the minimum age for gorilla trekking in Uganda

What is the minimum age for gorilla trekking in Uganda?

The minimum age for gorilla trekking in Uganda: this the age accepted for those who intends to engage in gorilla trekking activity in Uganda. Minimum age for gorilla trekking in Uganda is common inquiry many tour operators get from visitors who are interested in gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda’s wildness. Remember gorillas are our closest friend’s sharing 95% of DNA.

It is prudent for any tourist wishing to participate in gorilla trekking expeditions in Uganda understand the Minimum age limit that required for them to participate in gorilla trekking expeditions. Presently, the minimum age limit for Gorilla trekking travelers in Uganda is fifteen (15) years.  This proves that persons under the age of 15 are not allowed to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda.

The two National parks that harbor gorillas in Uganda include Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park and Mgahinga national park. All parks are lie southwestern part of Uganda in the districts of Kisoro, Kanungu, and Kabale. This is whether you can go to Uganda and enjoy the adventurous activity of mountain gorilla trekking. Endangered mountain gorillas can again be found in Rwanda’s volcanoes national park and Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The ideas of gorilla trekking minimum age were fixed by the regional wildlife conservation bodies of Africa of which Uganda Wildlife authority a body responsible for the protection and conservation of Uganda’s endangered mountain gorillas is among. And thus the adoption of 15 years of age as the minimum age for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.

Some trekkers always ask why the minimum age limit was fixed at 15 years. This is a very good question for nay travelers to know before planning to go for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda. Without information about such a question, you may end up paying expensive gorilla permits and then have your child denied access to the gorilla trekking activity which might spoil your experience. It is advisable to you read gorilla trekking rules fully before even booking for a gorilla trekking permit.

Travelers of 15 years and above are eligible to book and pay for gorilla trekking permits in Uganda other gorilla destination countries of Rwanda and D.R.Congo.    In Uganda the gorilla trekking permit goes at 700 united states dollars, Rwanda 1500 united states dollars and 400 unites states dollars in the democratic republic of Congo per person.

There different reasons why the minimum age for gorilla trekking in Uganda is 15 years. One of the reasons is that the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda are situated in parks that are so hilly and forested on a higher altitude.  Because of this factor, gorilla trekking reacquires people who are fit since it is strenuous to trek in these highly and forested conditions. Therefore children below 15 years of age are considered young and cannot manage trekking for long hours just in case the trekked gorilla family if far and thus fixing the minimum age for trekking at 15 years.

Besides, some mountain gorillas charge when they see trekkers. with children, this might cause them to get freighted and scream which might result into a serious attach from gorillas as they might think that they have been attacked by an enemy and at this time its hard to control the children below 15 years of age as compared to mature persons who are good at controlling their temper and emotions.

Children below 15 years still are vulnerable to respiratory diseases such as cough and flu and once not controlled they might transmit the diseases to the endangered mountain gorillas. Thus children below fifteen years of age are seen as carriers of such diseases and therefore engaging them in gorilla trekking in Uganda would be detrimental to themselves and the gorillas.

In conclusion, therefore, it is based from the above that the minimum age limit for Gorilla tracking is 15, and attributes such as fitness, health can best explain why the age for gorilla trekking was fixed at this age in Africa

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