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Zebras in Lake Mburo national park

Zebras in Lake Mburo national park: In Uganda, zebras are found in only two places which are Lake Mburo and Kidepo valley in Northwest Uganda

Zebras in Lake Mburo national park

Zebras in Lake Mburo national park: Not all wild animals have beautiful color patterns like zebras. In Uganda, zebras are found in only two places which are Lake Mburo national park and Kidepo valley national park. Lake Mburo national park is the perfect place to see zebras because it’s located so close to Kampala and Entebbe which are starting points of safaris.
Lake Mburo national park in western Uganda has the highest population of zebras in the whole country of Uganda. These zebras live in the savannah vegetated area of about 260 sq. km. Taking part in the game drives and nature walks activities is the best way to see zebras in Lake Mburo.

Zebras in Lake Mburo national park

Best way to see Zebras

Taking part in game drives.

The best way to see zebras is by carrying out game drive activities. The game drives do happen in most of the park areas and since a high population of these zebras lives in Lake Mburo national park, you will see as many as you can. Zebras are almost everywhere in the park therefore tourists that will see a variety of them, take photographs, and record videos.
In Lake Mburo national park, there is a zebra track an area where zebras are commonly seen. The area is filled with open plans and there is a game track along this Zebra track. Tourists that want to see zebras can be driven to this area and they will be able to see a number of them. Tourists will also be able to see buffaloes, topis, bushbucks, side-striped jackals, and warthogs among others.

Nature walks

There are guided nature walks in Lake Mburo national park for tourists who would love to explore the park on foot. The guided nature walks do lead tourists to different areas of the park and among these areas you won’t fail to see zebras. If you inform your ranger guide geode about the animals you would love to see. He will take you in a direction of where these zebras hang.

Facts about zebras in lake mburo national park

Zebras are herbivores animals meaning they feed only on plants. Zebras feed on grass, leaves, shrubs, and sometimes twigs.
Zebras love to feed on only fresh vegetation cover and this is why they over move around the park looking for what is fresh
Zebras live in small groups full of females and the group is always led by a male. When young males are born and reach 3 years they tend to leave the group and join the bachelor herds that comprise males.
Zebras are very social animals for they love to stay in groups called herds.
Zebras have stripes and each individual has a pattern unique from the other. Scientists believe that these patterns help them to recognize one another.

When to go for Zebra safaris

Tourists can go see zebras in at any time of the year however certain months are better than the rest. The dry season months are the best to go and see zebras in because of the good weather conditions. The dry season has little or no rainfall and plenty of sunshine that makes the game tracks and walking rails stay dry and easily passable. The vegetation is short with good views of zebras including those that are far and the photography is very clear.
Tourists can still go to Lake Mburo national park to see zebras during the rainy season which happens from March to May and October to November. During the rainy season yes, you will see zebras but remember it does rain heavily at any time of the day. The game tracks/walking trails are muddy and slippery, and vegetation is tall with unclear views of zebras as well as photography.

Where to stay in Lake Mburo

There are so many accommodation facilities in Lake Mburo national park where tourists that want to stay a night or more in the park can stay. These accommodation facilities are located in different areas of the park and they do include Rwakobo Rock Lodge, Mburo Safari Lodge, Mihingo Lodge, Kigambira Safari Lodge, Arcadia Cottages, Rwonyo Rest Camp, Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge, and Kasenyi Lake Retreat Lodge and Campsite among others.

Getting to lake Mburo

Tourists can get to this park where zebras live in just a single day using road transport from Kampala. Lake Mburo is located in Kiruhura district and from Kampala/Entebbe it takes 4 to 5 hours to reach the park when using road transport. Tourists from Kampala/Entebbe go through Mpigi, Masaka, Lyantonde, and branch off from Sanga gate or Nshara gate.

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