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Is Lake Mburo national park safe for a safari?

All national parks in Uganda are safe including Lake Mburo national park. For travelers who have been searching about the safety of Lake Mburo national park

Is Lake Mburo national park safe for a safari?

Is Lake Mburo national park safe for a safari?: All national parks in Uganda are safe including Lake Mburo national park. For travelers who have been searching about the safety of Lake Mburo national park? Yes, the protected area is very safe for a safari. Lake Mburo national park was gazetted in 1983 and all the people that were living there were chased out to create enough land for animals and reduce on poaching.

Lake Mburo national park is managed and protected by Uganda Wildlife Authority and it has done a lot of things to make sure that the park comes to a certain standard. One of the things that have been done is to make sure that the area is safe for travelers. Below is a list of things that have made Lake Mburo national park to be safe for a safari.

Things that make Lake Mburo national park safe for a safari

The ranger

Lake Mburo national park is safe for a safari because it has got well-trained ranger guides. Uganda Wildlife Authority each year does train people to become ranger guide sand after they are deployed to different national parks among which include Lake Mburo. These ranger guides are given firearms and taught how to use them in case the animals misbehave.

On your safari in Lake Mburo national park, you will meet ranger guides from the time you enter and even when carrying out park activities. These ranger guides always move around the national park to make sure that these animals are in good condition and the tourists also.

To ensure the safety of activities like nature walks, bird watching, and night game drives, armed ranger guides are used must escort tourists because you never know if you will meet a dangerous wild animal or not. Tourists should always know that they the time they are with in the park they are very safe and will not get attacked by animals.

The park rules

Every national park in Uganda has got what we call rules and regulations and these were set by Uganda Wildlife Authority to make sure that the people and the animals are safe. When you reach the park, you need to read these rules so that they help you while you are staying in the park. Among the rules and regulations in this savannah park include not moving alone in the park, keeping voices low, and using well-constructed game tracks.

By following these rules pinned in different areas of the park, you will be very safe while on safari in Lake Mburo national park because you won’t get lost in the park, you won’t meet dangerous animals alone, and you will also not get attacks from animals that misbehave some times. Tourists are advised to take these rules and regulations seriously while in the park.

The game tracks

There are constructed or created game tracks within the park and their use is to help tourists get to different areas of the park. Tourists should always go through the game tracks and not in the park for safety reasons. When you drive off the game tracks there are high chances of getting lost and you would be destroying the vegetation of the animals.

Driving through the game tracks will not only keep you safe during the safari in park but will also give you a chance to connect to the best game viewing points which will give you an opportunity to see most of the park animals. For your safety while in Lake Mburo national park, remind your safari driver guide to keep using the designed game tracks.

Friendly community around the park

The surrounding communities around park in areas like Nyabushozi and Kiruhura have got very friendly people. Uganda wildlife authority always sends people to teach the people in these communities about the importance of tourism to the country and the community itself.

People no longer poach and don’t graze from the area gazetted as a national park. These people take tourists as friends you will see this once you visit their communities. At the end of every financial year, a certain among of money collected from visitors that come to this savannah park is given to the community to expand their projects and improve their way of living.

Safe accommodation facilities

A local tour operator will always book for you the accommodation facilities they think your stay will be safe. Safe at accommodation facilities in Lake Mburo national park we look at your life and property. Most of the lodge inside the park has armed personnel who keep moving around the park premises and in case there is an animal they will chase it away. At the lodges, you are given your room keys and there are safe boxes where you can keep your items and no one else can check them.

Safe safari activities

All park activities in Lake Mburo national park are done at specific hours. There are morning activities, evening activities, and night activities. The day activities are safe but again there are those like bird watching, community tours, and nature walks that are guides because tourists use foot. The night game drive sits mandatory to use UWA ranger guides because you never know what you might meet or what might happen in the jungle during the night.

Above are a few things that make Lake Mburo national park a safe area for a safari. Tourists should know that the national park is very safe and fun therefore you will leave as you came with your items. A good local tour operator will always communicate with you during your time in the park to ensure everything is okay and you are enjoying it.

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