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Why visit Rwenzori Mountains national park

Why visit Rwenzori Mountains national park

Why visit Rwenzori Mountains national park

Why visit Rwenzori Mountains national park? What makes Rwenzori Mountains national park so special?  are some of the frequently asked questions by many travelers planning their safari to Uganda. Well, Rwenzori Mountains park has unique attractions some of which are not available anywhere else in the country.

Rwenzori Mountains national park hosts Mount Rwenzori, 70 mammals, 217 bird species, and 5 primates. The national park has got very unique vegetation cover on the African continent, rivers, and lakes that get water from mountain Rwenzori. Whether is your first safari or you have been to Rwenzori Mountains national park before, there are so many reasons that will make you fall in love with this park.

Why visit Rwenzori Mountains national park?

To hike Mount Rwenzori

Tourists who love mountain climbing can visit Rwenzori Mountains national park to hike one of the tallest mountains in East Africa. Mountain Rwenzori is one of the tallest mountains in East Africa and the tallest in Uganda with its highest point at 5109 meters. The highest peak on Mountain Rwenzori is Margherita Peak and good hikers can get to that point of they hike for 9 to 12 days.

Hiking is the most done activity on Mount Rwenzori and it’s done to different levels. Short hikes are arranged for hikers that have limited time and these can be 2,3,4,5 or even more days. Hiking Mount Rwenzori takes tourists through different vegetation zones and great views of the surrounding areas. Hikers that get to the summit of Mount Rwenzori reach points where there is no vegetation but only glaciers.

Hiking Mount Rwenzori is a dream come true for most hikers in the world because those who hike get an opportunity to hike one of the tallest mountains in Africa and the tallest in Uganda. Hiking Mount Rwenzori comes with an opportunity to see different wildlife that lives on the slopes of the mountains. Tourists also get an opportunity to record videos and taking pictures for future remembrance.

To go bird watching

Rwenzori Mountains national park is home to over 217 bird species with about 19 endemics to the Albertine region. Bird lovers have a reason to visit Rwenzori Mountains national park because there are lots of birds to see while on a birding tour in western Uganda. On a bird watching tour to Rwenzori Mountains national park, if tourists happen to get a good birding guide they will be able to see more than half of the recorded bird species.

To have the best of bird watching in Rwenzori Mountains national park, birders must go well prepared with the best birding equipment. Among these include a pair of waterproof hiking shoes, long-sleeved pants, long-sleeved shirts, a rain jacket, insect repellents, a field guidebook, a pair of binoculars, a camera, backpack, energy-giving snacks, drinking water bottle, facemask, sunscreen, and sanitizer.

Birds to spot in Rwenzori mountains national park include Rwenzori batis, African scared ibis, golden-backed weaver, lapped-faced vulture, hadada ibis, great crested grebe, cattle egret, black kite, Rwenzori apalis, African black duck, black-winged kite, eastern mountain greenbul, latham’s francolin, cassin’s honeyguide, scaly spurfowl, palm nut vulture, glossy ibis, tambourine dove, grey cuckoo shrike, marabou stork, long-eared owl, African green pigeon, red tufted sunbird.

Abyssinian ground hornbill, chestnut wattle eye, speckled tinkerbird, African wood owl, African emerald cuckoo, green hylia, stripe breasted tit, black-throated wattle eye, little swift, yellow fronted tinkerbird, buff spotted flufftail, barred long-tailed cuckoo, village weaver, African marsh harrier, brown-throated wattle eye, chinspot batis, Angola swallow, white-browed crombec, African dusky flycatcher to mention but a few.

Where to stay on a safari in Rwenzori Mountains national park

There are so many accommodation facilities in Mount Rwenzori national park where tourists stay if they want a night ore in the park. For hikers, there are accommodation facilities at different stages where tourists can stay at a long day of hiking. Other accommodation facilities in Rwenzori Mountains national park include Equator Snow Lodge, Ihamba Lakeside Safar Lodge, Hotel Margherita, Rwenzori International Hotel, Ruboni Community Camp, Rwenzori Backpackers, Muhinga Safari Lodge, and Rwenzori Turaco View Campsite among others.

When to visit Rwenzori Mountains national park?

Tourists can visit Mount Rwenzori national park at any time of the year however some months are better than others. The dry season months from June to September are the best to visit Rwenzori Mountains national park because they have little or no rainfall. In these months, the trails are dry and easier to walk through and the vegetation is short with good views of different attractions within the park

Tourists can still visit Rwenzori Mountains national park during the rainy season from March to May and October to November for the park is always open. This period favors budget travelers as they get discounted accommodation and tour packages. Tourists visiting Mount Rwenzori national park in the rainy season should know that too much rainfall is received within the park and this makes the trails muddy and slippery and the vegetation is also with unclear views of attractions.

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